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Beal Joker 9.1

R 2519.30
Was R 2799.22
Discount R -279.92

Rope/Dynamic/BEAL JOKER 9.1x60m

Beal Mercury Group Helmet

R 714.03
Was R 793.37
Discount R -79.34


Black Diamond Momentum Sa - Lava Harness

R 882.09
Was R 980.10
Discount R -98.01


Black Diamond Oz Rackpack Straight Carabiner

R 1088.79
Was R 1209.77
Discount R -120.98

Pro/Carabiner/Straight/BD OZ RACKPACK

Black Diamond Rocklock Screwgate

R 231.12
Was R 256.80
Discount R -25.68

Pro/Carabiner/Lock/BD ROCKLOCK

Grizzly Climbing Holds

R 729.00
Was R 810.00
Discount R -81.00

Concave clusters and various edges make these grips tricky, requiring some interesting hand positions.

Ready-Fit 1.2 Climbing Wall Panel

R 1350.00
Was R 1500.00
Discount R -150.00

Choose your panel quantity and colour, then pick climbing hold sets from our shop!

Skyward Summit

R 11952.00
Was R 13280.00
Discount R -1328.00

This Step2 Climber is perfect for active kids who enjoy climbing walls or rock wall adventures.

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